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Starts From RM100 Per Hour

Pro Camcorder Video Shoot

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My starting rate is RM100 per hour for a video shoot at events. This rate covers one experienced Videographer with Full HD camera equipment for events located in Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur major areas. For other areas, please contact me to discuss about it.

Our FIRST meeting is free of charge. You may consult me on video and multimedia production, website development and general e-commerce topics.

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Video editing services are OPTIONAL. Original video footage will be screened and passed to the client 2-3 days after the event. Clients should provide their own USB flash drives.

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Full payment must be made upon delivery of video footage to the client.

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Job ends with smiling faces and thank you. Then repeat these steps for the next job.

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Personal Cameraman Services, Sub-Contractor Videographer, Production Crew Member, Digital Video Editing, Photoshop Image Editing, Basic Animation Editing and WordPress Websites Development.

Digital Video & Photo Editing Services

My rates for digital video or photo editing services are generally RM100 PER DAY. A basic 2-3 minutes long event highlights video that you can upload online and play offline on your smartphone usually take between 2-3 working days to produce it. As for larger scaled productions that require complex editing, please contact me first to discuss about it.

Improve Your Professional and Business Image Through Videos.

Corporations may dominate with their high budgets advertisements but we all know that there is a team of professionals that meticulously crafted the ad to make sure it looks amazing on screen. Therefore, after years of being deceived by these glossy and pretentious ads, your customers now crave for more authenticity and this is why you need a PERSONAL CAMERAMAN to record those authentic non-scripted moments of your professional-self: for example, when you are speaking or hosting at an event, behind the scenes footage of you running a project, you showcasing the development or manufacturing of your product, etc.

It is also rather surprising when I found out that many small and medium businesses only rely on a Facebook page for their trade. If this is the case, then should not your own brand appear as more unique among your competitors by having an original business website? Even a simple one-page scrolling website will improve your brand image and possibly bring in more sales leads.

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Here is just a small sample of my videos from more recent activities that I uploaded to my new YouTube channel.

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Double Pointers

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Engage Me As Your Own Personal Cameraman

People at events usually give a surprised but impressed expression towards my clients who brought in their own Personal Cameraman. Wouldn't you like to project this positive impression too?

My Story as a Cameraman

My first camera was just a small manual film camera when I was about 16 years old. As the years go by, I shot videos with a few camcorders with my latest one being a Sony XDCAM. Some call it the 'Big Boy' in this age where many use DSLR cameras.

About Me Videographer