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Dear Website Visitors,

Just as how I would not like any of my own original creations to be copied and publicised without any credit back to me, so I also do my best to respect the copyright of all media used on this website by only using those that have been released under CC0 Creative Commons or by purchasing the relevant rights to use it on my website. If I am aware that the media is copyrighted, I will at least try to make modifications to it or only use a small part of the media. At the very least, I will attribute it back to the original creators, which I hope that is ok with the creators.

That being said, I hope you understand that I am not highly literate in legal matters and I do not pretend to be one either, nor do I have significant financial resources to employ a skilled legal consultant; therefore I may have misunderstood the copyright terms of the media that I have used. If you are the owner of any media publicised on this website and you think that copyright terms have been wrongfully used, please email me at: and include some information on the copyright terms for that media and I will remove it immediately if there is indeed a copyright infringement. I hope we can gracefully and politely discuss about the matter and not engage in any legal actions between us.

On the other hand, if you wish to use any of my original creations for personal or commercial projects, then please email me to have a friendly discussion about it and not just use it without me having any knowledge of it. I may not charge any fees if there are valid reasons for it and sometimes all I ask for in return is just an attribution link. Just as how I will not access your office or computer and take something from there without you knowing about it, I ask that you also respect the copyright of original creations.

Even since I ventured into the media production industry, it has been rather shocking to hear numerous stories on blatant copyright infringement. If anyone thinks it is not a big deal to use copyrighted materials because everyone else "seems" to be doing it and because there does not seems to be any law enforced around it, then I would suggest you spend some time with photographers / videographers / multimedia editors / web developers / media producers, etc and experience for yourself what is really involved to produce quality professional media that we all enjoy viewing so much.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ivan Chen
Cineria Video Services